Tofino for Two

In May  my husband and I took a trip to the west coast to celebrate twenty years of marriage.  Tofino was on our list of places to see, and the timing was right.  I have a had a few people mention they would love to visit this beautiful Canadian destination.  I'm sharing our little trip to give you some ideas and inspiration incase the mood strikes.

We took 6 days for our adventure, and it was the perfect amount of time for a picturesque holiday on our own Canadian soil.  

We were at YXE at 7am and landed in Victoria 12pm local time. Easy peasy!   We picked up our rental car and headed out.  It is a 4 hour drive to Tofino so we decided to go half way and stop in Parksville for the night.  

If you have children and are thinking of a BC adventure, I would recommend a stop in Parksville.  We have camped here with our girls, and in particular at Rathtrevor Beach. Here the tide goes out for miles,  and you can spend hours searching the beach for ocean treasures.   We were feeling quite fancy and free so we stayed at the Tigh-Na-Mara Spa.  Beautiful ocean view rooms in a quaint little hidden paradise.  A wonderful start to the trip.

The next morning we head onward and upward toward our destination but not without a stop to one of my favourite places in Coombs.  A 10 minute drive from Parksville, here you will find the famous Goats on Roof Old Country Market. It's my jam... everything from mugs, baskets, straw hats to meat, cheese and baking...oh the baking.  I maintained my cool as we only came with two carry on bags so I had to shop wisely. Croissants and coffees in tow, we hit the road.

The drive….was breath taking.  I mean, you are suddenly on this winding road that is wall to wall massive evergreen trees and scenery that will just make you go "wow". Straight off the prairies we were obviously blown away.  

The highway to Tofino is not straight, lots of curves, you can’t rush it.  It is a beautiful drive, but does start to feel like the highway will twist and turn forever, that could be the prairie girl coming back again…I wanted to cut across country, surely there was a backroad.

I have to give all credit to Craig as he made most of the plans for this trip.  He spent a lot of time researching and picked a beautiful resort for us to stay at, The Pacific Sands.  It was a bit more pricey than this middle class family of four is used to, but we weren’t feeling middle class, remember we are fancy and free and a party of two. So oceanside suite with a hot tub on the deck was where it was at.  If you can, splurge on the accomodations, the ocean view makes it all worth it.

 When we first met the pacific ocean here we were in awe.  The waves were huge, powerful, and crashing continuously. They never take a breather.  It was intimidating, yet absolutely breath taking at the same time.  And can you smell that salty ocean air?…oh it was so amazing.    Tofino is actually known for being some of the best surfing conditions…and I can see why. Lots of surfers out there braving the cold water.  Yes, this ocean water is chilly.  Actually it's good to mention that when we went (May) the sun was warm and shining but the ocean breeze is cool.  It's all about layering. 


The town of Tofino is about a 10 minute drive from our resort.  There are other resorts along the way as well.  Lots of people were riding bikes via a paved path all the way to town.

The town is small but eclectic and quaint.  The main street hosts surf shops, coffee shops, restaurants and a few unique retail stores.

Our trip itinerary wasn't strict but could be summed up as touring around, snooping in shops, eating delicious food, endless beach strolls, and handfuls of hikes, big and small that could be found right outside your door.  Oh and wine. 



Near the end of our trip we spent one night at the nearby town Ucluelet.  Another quaint little community with lots of scenic strolls, good coffee, eats and vintage stores.  It's only 30 mins from Tofino. Worth a stop, and fish and chips from Jiggers.  

And that was that.  It was amazing.  The best part? Just being together.  You always hear the advice that as a couple you should dedicate time to date nights, quality time together, etc.  But in reality that somehow becomes last priority. This trip was a good reminder of how giving ourselves a quick break from the hustle of life and the responsibilities we feel as parents, helps to strengthen what is most important in our family. Us. We forgot how much fun we could have together.  I hadn't laughed like that in a long time. Fancy and free baby. I hope you take the time to visit this beautiful spot...or somewhere with your person. It's worth every penny. 

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